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Bill-of-Rights-Title-logo2 (1)For Attorney firms that want to bolster their motion findings I can help.
My Team pulls current title documents and reviews them for anomalies such as fake documents, forged signatures, falsified notaries and Notice of Default timeline infractions. How do we do this, my team has intimate knowledge of Trustee protocol and business practices. My lead guy worked for 3 years as a senior manager for a Trustee company. He also worked for a BK Attorney and a Title company. He speaks the Trustee language and knows where they cut corners. He has probably had drinks with half of the robo-signers on notices. Our findings we will stand behind in court if necessary. Once we have proved a case exists, we supply a Title Summary Review and the supporting title documents to our clients. Any attorney could use our findings to fight off an Unlawful Detainers, bolster their case for a Lis Pendent because we are pursuing a new line of inquiries, which we can prove because the evidence is in the recorded documents from the Recorders office. Not many groups can supply this kind of leverage and we are offering to your acquaintances first. See what they think and we can supply current client Title Summaries for their review.

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