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Delay Foreclosure – Orange County

Probably you are asking by now how do we get started? First you need to call one of our helpful compliancy agents. Our first step is to pull all current foreclosure documents from the County Recorder’s office. Then we will begin our Foreclosure Audit. This process is designed for one purpose, to help homeowners analyze the legality of the foreclosure action that has been taken against them by their lender/trustee company.

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orange county stop foreclosure program document review and analysis

Foreclosure Document Review/Analysis

What we have noticed is that the Trustee is under tremendous pressure to keep up with the volume of foreclosures in our current financial downturn. Possibly this is why they have been found to manufacture documents, robo-sign and back date loan documents so that lenders/servicers can create missing documents when none are present .

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title summary review delays foreclosure sales in orange county

Title Summary Review

Mortgage Crisis Remedies came into existence because we saw Millions of Homeowners across California falling victim to foreclosure fraud due to feelings of guilt and the unwillingness to visually inspect their foreclosure documents for inaccuracies. Foreclosure Laws were created to protect homeowners from being harmed by the Big Banks…

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